Changing with the Times

The Internet continues to change the way communities interact and how the world does business. That’s why Lions Clubs International now gives you the opportunity to start a Cyber Lions club. Cyber Lions meet online for convenience – or to bridge a distance.

Members can stretch from east coast to its west, the Internet keeps  distant Lions connected. Each month, the Lions meet in a private Internet chat room to discuss club activities. They also host optional chat sessions each week to ensure ongoing communication.

Carrying out business online helps keep these Lions connected and expedites club administration to help the club get to the business of serving its community quicker.

Cyber Lions Club Benefits

A Cyber Lions club that meets primarily via the Internet and conducts business online offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Expedited decision making
  • Reduced organizational costs (meetings, mailings and dues)
  • Increased meeting attendance
  • Greater convenience for members
  • Maximized flexibility in scheduling
  • Ability to form truly international clubs – with members from around the world – working together to make a difference
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